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To the German readers/fans -- at this time, you will be reading a notice posted by TokyoPop Germany regarding In These Words Volume 3 (or any G|P Titles, to include ITW Vol. 1-2). We will no longer be working with/publishing through TPG officially from this point forward.

Due to legal aspects of the contract, we could not fully disclose details on exactly why. However, our parting's amicable and it was done after a lengthy correspondence. We've decided to simply part ways as it was decidedly the best option for both parties. So PLEASE do not harass the staff over at TPG!!

Right now, we ARE working with someone at this time to bring over ITW3 and (if possible) ALL of our titles in German at this time, so you WILL have it. It may be later in the year (probably in the Fall/Winter with ENGLISH version) and as far as we can make the arrangements, it will be distributed in Germany.

Again, we are really sorry that our relationship with TPG had come to an end. This issue has nothing to do with money or if someone had been "offended". If there were possibilities of continuing our relationship, we would have. Sometimes, we simply have to make a decision that hurt us but it was the right decision.

I can't answer a lot of questions concerning this -- but again, we are currently engaged with someone who's familiar with our work and we WILL be bringing you V3 and port over other works that we weren’t able to bring over before.

Thank you for all of your love and support!

-TogaQ and Kichiku Neko

TogaQ and KichikuNeko Present

New York MinuteGuiltPleasure was founded in 2010 as a collaboration between an artist and a writer, with a desire to introduce a bold new form of art and storytelling to fans of the Yaoi/BL doujinshi, manga and novel publishing world. Since then, GuiltPleasure has grown from a US-based doujin effort into an international, multi-language publishing group of dedicated individuals with a common mission to deliver a high standard of homoerotic entertainment. Not your everyday BL, GuiltPleasure explores darker themes and unconventional plotlines, testing the boundaries of the human psyche. Never predictable, our works promise a journey into the uncharted, often feared depths of the sensual mind. Join us...